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South Mountain School

5th Grade Senior Portraits

Picture Days are now Oct 22nd-23rd.


I am delighted to be taking your 5th grader’s senior portraits this year. As a parent to a 1st and 3rd grader in the school, and as a headshot and portrait photographer, I have dreamt about how we get can higher quality school portraits as well as an ideal way of ordering prints. This year, I will attempt to bring you both. 


How it will work: 

Just like before, you will pre-pay for your portraits. (Print prices are the same as what you've paid in the past) But, instead of committing to a package with random print sizes like wallets, you’ll prepay for credits. With those credits, you can order whatever prints you like from an online gallery, in any size you want, including posters as well as metal and canvas prints and even digital downloads. Also, I plan on spending more than two seconds photographing your child, so I will provide you with several images to choose from, not just one. 


Ordering your child's school portraits is easy: 


1. Select from three price packages. The more you pre-pay, the more you get towards prints and/or digital downloads. 


2. After the photos are taken, I will email you a link where you can view and purchase your child's photos. In that email will also be your coupon code for the amount you purchased here.


3. Use the coupon code to purchase prints in the sizes you want. No more being stuck with wallet size images! Canvas, metal prints and digital downloads are also available. You can order up to that amount, or hopefully, you love them so much, you order more! 


Note: There will be a $7 shipping charge when you order your pictures. Prints will be printed by one of the top professional photo labs and shipped to your home. Contact me at leeseidenberg@gmail.com with any questions. 


For more info, visti the Q&A

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